What is Middlebury FoodWorks?

An innovative summer leadership program combining academic and experiential learning in food systems:

  • Nine intensive weeks in Vermont, Kentucky, or Washington D.C.
  • “Experiencing the local food system” for-credit course
  • A four-day a week internship
  • $2000 non-qualified scholarship to off-set expenses
  • Weekly fifth-day learning journeys
  • Life skills workshops
  • Live & learn together
  • meet food systems experts
  • One Middlebury credit (equivalent 3.3 semester-hour credits)

What does it mean for you?

  • The chance to touch, taste, and work with all aspects of the local food system.
  • A comprehensive view of the local food system and its role in urban and rural economic development, including direct contact with experts.
  • Engagement in a learning community around food studies, as students live and participate together.
  • An online component that allows FoodWorks Fellows to connect across sites and compare rural and urban food systems experiences.

"FoodWorks showed me the social, environmental, and economic value of farms beyond purely producing food. I want to connect more people with their land, environment, and food systems in a meaningful way. My cheese making operation will be open to Middlebury students as a place to learn about small-scale, sustainable farming and I hope to one day welcome FoodWorks interns!"

-Linnea Burnham '14.5

(Linnea received a Watson fellowship to study cheese around the world, before returning to VT to make cheese at Double Star Farm.)

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Summer 2016: June 5 to August 6

FoodWorks: An Innovative Summer Leadership Program

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  "My summer in Louisville, KY as part of the FoodWorks program was incredibly transformative. I experienced first-hand the power of community organizing to contribute to the creation of a just and sustainable food system. Because of my experience with FoodWorks I am both more grounded in the reality of what  building the new economy looks like at the grassroots and empowered in my ability to instigate meaningful change in the world."

-Sophie Vaughan '14