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Providing educators with the opportunities they deserve to further their own practice and development.

Hebrew educators spend years developing their skillsets. But once in the classroom, whether public or private schools, university, institution, or any other situation, the opportunities for personal growth are fewer and farther between.

Developed by Hebrew at the Center, this professional development program is for all Hebrew-language educators, at all levels of experience. The program includes workshops in:

  • Assessment areas and techniques
  • Hebrew-language instructional methodology
  • Achievable and aspirational goal setting
  • Lesson planning for any age or grade level
  • Differentiated instruction based on more than 20 years of research and experience in Hebrew and second-language acquisition.

As of today, more than 200 Hebrew-language educators have participated in these professional development workshops. The Institute for the Advancement of Hebrew is working with Hebrew at the Center to keep them tailored to each individual schools’ missions, goals, and needs, as well as updating the curriculum to keep it aligned with the most recent and reputable research available.

Hebrew language educators across the country and around the world are discovering the value of in-service training and ongoing processional development. It’s the additional support that makes all the difference in any educator’s career.

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