Investing in Future Leaders

Shelby Davis P'01 speaks to the Davis UWC Scholars and other members of the audience at the Annual Celebration Dinner.

Shelby Davis is a world-class philanthropist and a cofounder of the Davis United World College Scholars Program. Davis and his family have supported more than 4,000 scholars at 94 partner institutions.

Listen to Shelby's remarks:

At Middlebury's Davis UWC Annual Celebration Dinner, Shelby Davis spoke to the audience about the program that he founded in 2000 with Phil Geier.

is often asked by the Scholars why he invests in them. Davis told the Scholars, "You are true cosmopolitans. You raise the game wherever you are and you influence others. In sum, you take action. Like a sign that I saw on the bulletin board of the UWC Bosnia School, ‘The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers, but most of all the world needs dreamers who do.’ You have the vision of dreamers and the focus of doers that is why I invest in you.”

Davis went on to say, "Through you and because of you the UWC reputation has soared, and the doors are opening for you. Always remember what others have said; please remember your winning habits and your giving habits. Over the years, for the next generation following you, try to give back to your UWC and give back to Middlebury College for bringing you here and giving you the opportunity.” Finally, he thanked the Scholars for his own experience with the Davis UWC Program, he said "it has been a joyride investing in you." Davis concluded with his family motto and encouraged all of the Scholars "to learn, earn, and return."