Middlebury Davis UWC Scholars in action


Providing Hope on the Border

It had been nearly eight hours since Libby McCarthy boarded the truck that would take her inside one of the largest refugee camps on the Thailand-Burma border. The New Zealand native, Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong graduate, and class of 2013 Middlebury student was understandably nervous as the truck approached the camp. Read more...

A Brighter Picture

It wasn’t your typical summer job. Ansally Kuria, Middlebury College Class of 2012 and native of Kenya, spent the summer before her senior year raising awareness about child abuse and painting cartoons on the walls of a Nairobi hospital. Read more...

Living the Language

Helena Treeck '12 spent the summer speaking, thinking, and dreaming in Russian—without ever leaving the Middlebury campus. A digital postcard from Helena documents 48 hours in the Kathryn Davis School of Russian.

Interning with a President

When Zaheena Rasheed '11.5 left her home in the Maldives—a territory comprising 1,191 islands in the Indian Ocean—to pursue a Middlebury education, she realized she wouldn't be able to return often. But in the summer before her junior year, the Davis UWC Scholar received funding from the Louis J. Kutzner '51 Internship Fund to work in President Mohamed Nasheed's office in the Maldives.  Read more...