Health, Safety & Security

Faculty, staff, and students are required to elect and register for certain types of insurance before going abroad.  The grid below shows the various college-affiliated options which are described in greater detail below.

Insurance Coverage While Abroad

  Worldwide Travel Assistance Global Rescue CBA Blue* HTH Worldwide
Employee: Benefits Eligible X X X  
Employee: Non-Benefits Eligible   X    
Dependents of Benefits Eligible Employees X   X  
Non-US Based Employees   X    
Midd Schools Abroad Students   X   X
Midd Student Abroad (not at a Midd School Abroad)   X    
MIIS Student   X    

*If elected

Travel Registration

Why must I register: Travel abroad should be a safe, enjoyable experience. However, as recent events show, there are times when the College has to quickly account for the whereabouts of every student, staff member, and faculty member in those countries to communicate with them and provide assistance. For this reason we ask you to complete this quick, simple form each time you travel outside of the 48 contiguous states. Whether a long or short trip, this form helps the College know where students, faculty, and staff are, and to take appropriate measures when responding to emergencies.

When to complete it: Student research abroad, faculty research abroad, business travel, faculty sabbatical, community service/volunteer work abroad, internships abroad, or any College-sponsored activity abroad. Students who are participating in a registered study abroad program do not need to complete this form, unless travelling before or after the program.

Who submits it: All students, faculty, and staff traveling abroad from both Middlebury College and MIIS. Middlebury students do not need to submit this if they have been approved to study abroad.

How long does it take: Maximum 5 minutes.

What information do I need to complete the registration: Your contact information abroad, where and when you are traveling, with whom, and why.  After you register your first trip, you will not be asked for general information (i.e. passport number, emergency contact) when registering future trips.

Please use only Chrome or Firefox as your web browser when registering your travel.

Thank you for your cooperation and safe travels!

Instructions for those who have a Middlebury or Monterey email account

Instructions for those who do not have a Middlebury or Monterey email account

Instructions for those who need to complete a pending travel application


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HTH Worldwide

Students studying at a Middlebury School Abroad are automatically enrolled in a study abroad health insurance plan through HTH Worldwide for the duration of the program. This coverage is mandatory and cannot be waived.  This insurance plan provides up to $200,000 medical coverage (accident/sickness) with zero deductible. There is also medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. In addition to the benefits listed above, these insurance plans provide emergency service with 24-hour, worldwide, telephone assistance. This service can aid students in a variety of emergency situations, such as providing help in obtaining physician and hospital referrals.  This insurance plan does not cover students when they are in the US.

Worldwide Travel Assistance

Several programs provide Emergency Travel Assistance in specific circumstances. 

Employees on the standard U.S. benefits program are covered by the Worldwide Travel Assistance program offered through Mutual of Omaha.  This program provides pre-trip assistance, and immediate 24/7 attention for emergencies.  Assistance includes translation and interpretation services, locating legal services, assistance with stolen baggage, document replacement, referrals for local medical providers, emergency medical evacuation, assistance obtaining replacement prescription, etc.  Eligible employees can contact Human Resources for an ID card or call the program directly at 800-856-9947 (in U.S.) or 312-935-3658 (outside of U.S.) in the event of an emergency.

Employees on the Global Benefits program (CIGNA)are covered by the International SOS Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit.  This program provides immediate 24/7 attention for emergencies, including emergency evacuation, family travel arrangements, repatriation, etc.  Eligible employees can contact Human Resources for information or log onto the CIGNA Envoy secure web portal ( for information.

Global Rescue

Middlebury College has an agreement with Global Rescue for medical and security advisory and evacuation services for Middlebury and MIIS students on college-sponsored activities abroad, as well as faculty and staff traveling on college business.  Global Rescue is available to assist travelers affected by medical and security emergencies while studying, working, or traveling abroad.  They are available to consult and ensure appropriate medical treatment or safety measures are being taken.  In addition, Global Rescue will arrange for the provision of health information services through their operations team and Johns Hopkins Medicine to include medical advice, case monitoring, hospital and clinic referrals, and evacuation services.  This consultation service comes at no cost to the traveler.  Any costs associated with treatment, transportation, or evacuation will be the traveler’s responsibility. 

Travelers in need of either of these services can contact Global Rescue at +1-617-459-4200 and identify themselves as a Middlebury/MIIS traveler.  The membership card may be downloaded here.

Employees with localized benefits may have other coverage; refer to your benefits documentation for details.

CBA Blue

Obtaining medical treatment and hospital care while traveling abroad can be expensive and U.S. medical insurance and the health plans of most other countries are generally not accepted outside of the country of origin.  It is ultimately the traveler’s/employee’s responsibility to ensure that he or she has adequate coverage while abroad.

The standard U.S. medical plan (CBA BLUE) will pay for covered services incurred outside of the U.S., however in almost all cases the participant will need to pay for the claims directly and then file for reimbursement from CBA BLUE.  A detailed receipt, including: patient name, date of service, type of service, provider’s name, and cost must be provided with the claim form.  If the original receipt is not in English a translation must be submitted with the claim.

Employees covered under the Global Benefits program (CIGNA) are encouraged to log onto the CIGNA Envoy secure web portal (  and create an account.  This site can help you find a doctor and submit and track claims, as well as download claim forms in 16 languages, access online medical advice, print replacement ID cards, etc.

Certain employees who are based outside of the U.S. and are enrolled in non-U.S. medical plans may be eligible for the Medical Benefits Abroad program through CIGNA.  This program is designed to provide wrap-around coverage for international business travel.  It is intended to supplement, not replace the employee’s domestic health coverage, to claims related to an illness or accident while an employee is on an approved business trip for the College.

Types of medical coverage available for localized employees varies greatly depending on the laws and norms of the specific of country of operation as well as the individual’s employment status.  Many countries have some form of national health system which covers all or most citizens.  Details must be determined on a case-by-case basis.

If your insurance does not cover you abroad, it is a good idea to consider purchasing a short-term policy that will do so.  There are health insurance policies that are specifically designed to cover travel. 

Other Resources
Centers for Disease Control International Health Information
US Department of State International Travel Information
Register with the Dept. of State In the event of a lost passport or emergency
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