Health Insurance for Study Abroad

Middlebury students on externally-sponsored programs should make certain they have adequate health coverage abroad.  (Students at Middlebury Schools Abroad are automatically enrolled in GeoBlue health insurance for the duration of their time abroad.)  If you would like to purchase coverage for your time abroad, we recommend enrolling in a program designed for Middlebury students through GeoBlue.  The cost for this plan for 2018-19 is $64.65/month. The group access code you will need to enroll in GeoBlue is EWG-9608. (Note that students are not covered in the United States by this plan, and we do recommend that students remain on their current policy while abroad to cover any trips to the US during the program and also any conditions that may arise abroad that may require continued treatment upon return to the US after your program ends.)

To learn more about what to consider when selecting a health care provider and plan, please see the following resources