Past Premio Famiglia Fede Recipients

Robbin Gheesling 2013: Robbin Gheesling

bradley_cash 2012: Bradley Cash

Andrey Altounian, Premio Winner 2011 2011: Andrey Altounian
Guy Peluso, Premio Winner 2012 2010: Guy Peluso

Lina Smith, Premio Winner 2009 2009: Lina Smith

2008: Octavia Monelli

An Update from Guy Peluso
2010 Premio Famiglia Fede Recipient

"A simple thank you would not be enough to demonstrate my appreciation for the scholarship award that I was granted. The ability to leave corporate America for a year, pursue an education from a great institution, and live abroad in a city such as Florence is life altering. Moreover, I recognize how rare it really is to be able to receive a gift that has set me on a path of doing something professionally that I have wanted for a very long time.

"The summer program in Middlebury was very intense, and looking back I realize just how its rigor has prepared me for these next ten months abroad. I studied Advanced Italian, 19th and 20th Century Literature, and the Politics, Society, and Economy of Italy from the end of Fascism to present. The courses were very interesting and the professors were fantastic.

"I have met with the director of the program in Italy and we have discussed my course objectives and independent study regarding Italian artisan wines. I am looking forward to meeting with a professor who would act as a mentor. It is my immediate goal to take a wine marketing class during the first semester at the University of Florence.

"The scholarship that I've received is extremely generous, and I can’t explain how excited and enthusiastic I am about making the most out of this unique opportunity!"

—Guy Peluso
Firenze, IT, September 2010