This part of the website might not be done, but research is ongoing.

From Bill Hegman in Geography, Matt Biette in Dining Services, and Jack Byrne in Sustainability, the Food Mapping Project

Where does my chicken parm come from?

From Daniel Scharstein in Computer Science, This site is a repository for computer vision evaluations and datasets. It contains:

  • The Middlebury Stereo Vision Page, an evaluation of dense two-frame stereo algorithms (described in IJCV 2002)
  • The Multi-view Stereo Page, an evaluation of multi-view stereo algorithms (presented at CVPR 2006)
  • The MRF Page, an evaluation of energy minimization methods for Markov Random Fields (presented at ECCV 2006)
  • The Optical Flow Page, an evaluation of optical flow algorithms (presented at ICCV 2007)
  • The Color Page, providing datasets for evaluating the color processing of digital cameras (presented at BMVC 2009)