Class Years & Degrees

In College publications, always mention the alum’s class year in the first reference.

Present Century

Class of 2009
Suzanne Lunde, Class of 2009
Suzanne Lunde ’09
The apostrophe points to the left. 


Classes from previous centuries that duplicate numerals of classes in the present century should be written in full.

John Smith, Class of 1906
John Smith II ’60 (referring to 1960)
John Smith III ’06 (referring to 2006)


John Smith, Class of 1855


Try to avoid using the .5 designation because it is very difficult to verify in Banner, does not necessarily mean anything to older alumni, and becomes cumbersome.

Febs choose whether to be affiliated with the class that graduated before or after them, and this is generally reflected in Banner.

Marcia Long (graduated in February 2011) may choose either Marcia Long ’10 or Marcia Long ’11.

Exception: On those rare occasions when individuals insist on the .5 designation and supply the information themselves: Marcia Long ’10.5


Betty Smith, MA French ’90
Thomas Horn, MA English ’02
Harry Jenkins, MLitt English ’77
Clint Underwood, MA Spanish ’95

Exception: If a degree is being listed in a publication solely aimed at the audience of one particular school, like Bread Loaf, only put the MA: Betty Smith, MA ’62

Monterey Alumni 

Betty Smith ’90, MS (MIIS) ’10
Peter Lang, MPA (MIIS) ’12
Lucinda Lander, MA (MIIS) ’12
John Jones, MBA (MIIS) ’08

Honorary Degrees

Mark Thane, Hon DArt ’10
James Caldwell, Hon LHD ’01
Suzanne Proctor, Hon DLitt ’96


Rule of thumb:  Place spaces between each of the elements. Use maiden names for married alumnae.

Parents & Grandparents

Jennifer Jenkins P’90
Beulah Moss Rockford P’77, ’80, GP’12

Combinations of Degrees

Lucille Taft ’82, MA French ’85
Sylvester Sinclair ’10, MA (MIIS) ’13
Clark Simpson ’47, MLitt English ’61, Hon DArt  ’92

Combinations of Degrees and Relationships
Sequence: Undergraduate, graduate, honorary, parent, grandparent

Jennifer Lee ’90, MA English ’94, P’14
Frederick Favre ’48, MA Spanish ’60, P’62, ’68, GP’90

Combinations of People

Jennifer Lee ’85, MA Russian ’94, P’13
Frederick Favre ’51, MA Italian ’65, P’80, ’81, GP’10
Lucy Pope Lyons ’63, MA French ’65, Hon LHD ’72, P’89, GP ’17

Rule of thumb: The alum is always listed first; if both people are alums, the man is listed first; otherwise the woman is listed first if neither person is an alum and the maiden name is not needed. 

Susan James Johnston ’98 and Paul Johnston
Eric ’69 and Louise Ames Hollander ’71
Henry Lappman ’90 and Nicole Sweet ’91
Mary and Joseph Clark, P’10
Norma Sampson and William Larch, P’08, ’10

Note: If both people are the parents of the student, a comma goes after the second name with parent designation following. If only one person is the parent that person is listed first regardless of whether it is the man or the woman.

Helen Peterson P’09 and John Henderson
Lars Olsen P’17 and Cynthia Mayer

Note: Depending on the formality of the publication, names may be shortened or spelled out, and middle initials may be added for more formal pieces.

On Name Tags
For the small area on nametags, it’s fine to amend these rules to fit the space.

For example, Jeremiah Long P’80, P’85, GP’10 could be changed to
Jeremiah Long P’80’85G’10.

Degrees Granted by Middlebury College:

BA—Bachelor of Arts (also, AB—artium baccalaureus)
MA—Master of Arts
MBA—Master of Business Administration (MIIS)
MLitt—Master of Letters
MPA—Master of Public Administration (MIIS)
MS—Master of Science
DML—Doctor of Modern Languages

LHD—Doctor of Humane Letters (Hon LHD)
DArt—Doctor of Art (Hon DArt)
DLitt—Doctor of Letters (Hon DLitt)