Ellipsis Points

Three points, or dots, show that something has been omitted (a word, line, etc.) from the text. The points are placed on the line and are separated equally from each other and the text before and after.

For an omission in mid-sentence:

  • He has developed many theories . . . most of them complex.

For an omission at the end or beginning of a sentence, a period precedes the ellipsis points:

  • We have tried to make peace. . . . The forces for change will negotiate sooner or later.

Other punctuation used in the original should be retained with three ellipsis points

  • Why can’t we find this thing, . . . that he described?

Note: When possible, do not use Word’s ellipsis symbol, which does not use equal spaces. Instead, make the symbol yourself.

#.#.#.# (space dot space dot space dot space)