Faculty & Other Housing

Faculty Housing

Rented subject to the college Faculty Housing Program. Photos and floor plans are not available for all rentals. Only available homes will be viewable.

Other Non-College Housing

Middlebury College provides this information as a courtesy to the community. The College takes no responsibility for the information provided. A list of non-college housing is available on this site.

Submit a rental property listing for non-college housing: If you submit a property for rental and find a tenant, please contact norton@middlebury.edu so the property may be removed from the listing.  Listings will be removed after four months.

Please be aware that entities have used the non-college site to try to collect banking information by stating they want to send a deposit on a unit.  This type of request is phishing for your personal information, please do not reply to it.

Important Notice about Lead Paint

Prevent lead poisoning: Please report all "deteriorated" paint on the inside or outside of your building to Middlebury College, Business Services, 161 Adirondack View, Middlebury, Vermont 05753, (802) 443-5504.

Information will be provided to you with your lease but for further information on lead paint, please go to the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board's site at http://www.healthvermont.gov/enviro/lead/lead_tenant.aspx

The housing listed below may not be currently available.  Rented housing is left visible to facilitate the new tenant with house floor plans and house data prior to their moving in.

List of Faculty Housing

Typesort icon City Title Bi-Weekly Cost or Rent
Apartment Middlebury 55 South Street, Apt. 2 519.25
Apartment Middlebury 100 South Main Street 603.11
Apartment Middlebury 43 1/2 South Street 437.78
Apartment Middlebury 121 South Main Street, Apt. B 574.18
Apartment Middlebury 106 South Main Street, Apt. 1 578.52
Apartment Middlebury 105 South Main Street, Apt. 2 511.60
Apartment Middlebury 7 South Street, Apt. 2B 662.26
Apartment Middlebury 82 Weybridge Street, Apt. 2 595.56
Apartment Middlebury 30 College Street, Apt. D 648.44
Apartment Middlebury 82 Weybridge Street, Apt. 3 592.52
House Middlebury 10 Murdock Court 556.72
House Middlebury 601 Weybridge Street 498.26
House Middlebury 149 Shannon Street, Apt. 1 646.09
House Middlebury 35 South Street 611.47
House Middlebury 175 Chipman Park 534.14
House Cornwall 345 Route 125 540.17
House Middlebury 104 South Main Street 549.54