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Staff Compensation Administration

The Staff Compensation program provides a framework for the administration of staff salaries at both the College and at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS). The program serves as the foundation for ensuring consistent application of salary-related decisions that are both in alignment with the College’s compensation philosophy and objectives and are in compliance with pay-related laws and regulations.


In order to fulfill its mission the College maintains a compensation program directed toward attracting, retaining and rewarding a highly qualified and diverse workforce. While it is the combination of financial rewards such as: base pay, generous benefits and time off programs, professional development support, etc. as well as the intangible benefits such as family/work life balance that make up total compensation, this policy describes only the staff base pay program.


Our staff compensation program is designed to balance and address several key objectives, including:

  • Maintaining internal equity –– employees will be paid similarly for similar work.
  • Maintaining external competitiveness –– our overall structure will maintain a competitive market position as measured by comparing average salaries for benchmarked jobs against our defined labor markets.
  • Developing and maintaining compensation structures and strategies that respond to, and support, organizational priorities, changes, and needs.
  • Setting salaries for new employees at levels that recognize individuals’ skills and experience while considering the salary levels of current employees within the same and/or similar jobs or roles.
  • Reinforcing that all staff are valuable contributors to the mission of the organization.
  • Rewarding strong performers by emphasizing pay for performance through the annual merit increase process.
  • Being clear and understandable to all staff members.

It should be noted that a certain amount of salary variation is inherent in our system (as it is in most compensation systems). An individual may earn more or less than others in the same or similar jobs and/or more or less than the market rate for the job. Historical factors such as previous experience, education, length of employment at Middlebury/MIIS, performance over time, career moves, etc. will (and should) result in individual variation in salaries. The compensation system itself – and this policy – are designed to function as a framework establishing the parameters within which these individual salaries are administered.



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