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Frequently Asked Questions for New Employees

Do I need to fill out new employee paperwork?

Yes.  Within the first three days of your start date, please come to the Human Resources Office to fill out your I-9 and W-4.  This applies to ALL new employees, in ALL positions.

All new employees are required to fill out an I-9 in order to verify identity and document eligibility to work in the U.S.  Please bring in original documents as outlined in federal regulations.  View the I-9 and document requirements here.

The W-4 determines how many tax withholdings will be made from your paycheck for employment taxes.  You can change your W-4 at any time.  A Vermont withholding form is optional.  These forms are found here.

If you are in a benefits-eligible position, you will be invited to a benefits orientation within the first 30 days of your employment.

If you have questions about new employee paperwork, please check with your supervisor.

Where can I eat lunch?

Each College employee receives a lunch break. Your supervisor will inform you of the procedures for scheduling lunch breaks in your department.

Some work areas have a break room with facilities for storing food and cooking lunch. Your supervisor will show you the break area. In good weather, the College campus has many beautiful places to eat lunch outdoors.

The College's own Dining Services provides both retail and student dining halls with delicious, reasonably-priced food options.

Downtown Middlebury also offers a selection of dining opportunities.

What should I wear?

Appropriate attire depends on your position.  In general, business casual is the standard for office-based positions but check with your supervisor for specifics.

In addition, some departments have uniform requirements.  Dining and Facilities Services employees who are required to wear uniforms or have the option to wear one will be informed by their supervisors.  Safety rules in these departments may also require specific footwear, hair restraints, and limit the type of jewelry that can be worn at work.

All departments and positions require that clothes be generally clean, neat, and in good repair.  Revealing attire (cropped tops, short-shorts, etc.) is not appropriate at work.

Check with your supervisor for more information.

When will I get paid?

Please see the College's Pay Calendar for pay dates.

The College uses a two-week pay period which starts on a Monday morning and ends on a Sunday night.   Paychecks are issued on the Friday after the end of the pay period.

Each staff member must submit a timesheet every two weeks.  Hourly staff record their hours worked.  Salaried staff record time away only.  More information here.

Please also see the Employee Handbook on reporting time.

Paychecks are delivered to your College mailbox.  Check with your supervisor for the location of your mailbox.

When do my benefits start?

If you have been hired into a benefits-eligible position, then benefits will become effective on the first of the month following your start date.  For example, if you start on May 16, your benefits would become effective on June 1. 


What are my new benefits?

If you have been hired into a benefits eligible position, you can find out more about your benefits here.

Feel free to contact HR with questions.

Where do I park?

Staff and faculty may park in designated Staff / Faculty parking spaces with the proper permit.

Please see the College's General Guidelines for Parking.

A parking permit can be obtained at the Public Safety Office AFTER completing new hire paperwork in the HR Office.  Please note that it takes up to 48 hours to process a new employee's record.  If you fill out the appropriate paperwork on Monday, you should be able to obtain your permit on Wednesday.  Please bring your driver's license and car registration with you to Public Safety.

New employees may park in designated staff / faculty spaces during the 48 hour administrative processing period.  If you are ticketed, simply appeal the ticket in accordance with the regular appeal procedure and explain that you are a new employee. 

Check with your supervisor if you have other questions about parking on campus.

How do I get an ID card?

A Middlebury College ID card entitles you to many benefits, including borrowing privileges at the libraries, access to the College's state-of-the-art athletics facilities, reduced price admissions to sports and arts events, and discounts at the College bookstore.  Some College employees are required to wear their ID while performing their duties.  Your ID can also be used to obtain access to secured areas like dorms and dining halls if required by your responsibilities.

To obtain your ID card, visit Public Safety AFTER completing your new hire paperwork in Human Resources.  Allow up to 48 hours administrative processing time before attempting to obtain your new ID.


Where can I smoke?

Please see the College Handbook policy on smoking.

Help! Computer problems!

Contact Middlebury College's Help Desk for help and support.

New Employee Guide to LIS

Information for new employees about Library and Information Services (LIS).  Get started, troubleshooting, passwords, printing, and borrowing from the libraries. 

What should I do in an emergency situation?

Go to the Emergency Response page (go/er) which includes links to information about who to call and what to do in the case of a variety of different emergencies.

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