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Massage Therapy

Medically necessary Massage Therapy is covered under our Medical Plan, subject to the deductible then co-insurance.

Massage Therapy claims submitted for medical insurance payment must include both:

  1. A “Massage Therapy: Statement of Services Rendered” form* OR an alternate document show all of the same information, AND
  2. A Member Claim form OR a standard HCFA 1500 form.  (If filing with a Member Claim Form confirm that the “Certification” box is signed correctly -- only sign and date the “Payment Instructions” box if insurer is to pay the provider directly.)

* “Massage Therapy: Statement of Services Rendered” form is not valid for insurance claim purposes unless ALL information is provided, including the massage therapist’s tax ID number as well as diagnosis and procedure codes.

Failure to provide complete and accurate information when filing a medical insurance claim will result in delayed or denied insurance payment.

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