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Where can I get additional information about the exchange (health insurance market) where I live?

If you live in the State of Vermont

If you live in the State of California

If you live in the State of New York

Even though I’m eligible for the College’s employee medical coverage could I choose to get coverage on the exchange instead?

You could choose to purchase individual coverage on the exchange, however it is not likely to be advantageous for you to do so for several reasons:  because our plan exceeds the minimum value standard AND is affordable (as defined by the Affordable Care Act) you will not be eligible for subsidies or tax credits on the exchange AND if you leave our plan you will also lose the College’s contribution to your health coverage so you would be responsible for the full cost of coverage.  In addition, the premiums you would pay for coverage through the exchange would be after-tax dollars, rather than pre-tax dollars as they would be in the College’s plan.

I’m not eligible for the College’s medical plan, but currently have coverage under a program offered by my state. Do I have to do anything?

It is likely that you will need to do something to continue your current coverage or to switch over to coverage offered under the exchange.  Employees in this situation should contact their state’s exchange.

I have medical coverage for myself through the College’s plan, but my children are covered by Vermont’s Dr. Dynosaur program (CHP – or another state Medicaid program). Will I now have to add the children to Middlebury’s plan?

Children who have been covered under their state’s CHP program (or another state Medicaid program) may continue to be eligible for subsidized coverage.  Parents with children currently covered by such programs should contact their state’s exchange in October to determine their children’s eligibility status prior to the College’s November 1 – 14 open enrollment period.

I’m not eligible for the College’s medical plan and am interested in obtaining coverage through a health care exchange, however I live in one state and work in another. Which state’s exchange do I apply for coverage through?

You should apply for coverage through the exchange in the state in which you live.

I’m a Middlebury college retiree, and a participant in the College’s retiree medical plan. Why did I get a letter from the College saying that I’m not eligible for the College’s employee medical plan?

The Department of Labor required employers to send the “New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options and Your Health Coverage” notice to ALL employees.  Retirees who work even very sporadically are considered employees for the purpose of this notice requirement.  So, the College needed to notify you that you are not eligible for the College’s active employee medical plan.  This does not mean that you are no longer eligible for retiree coverage.  Retirees who are enrolled in the retiree medical plan will remain enrolled in that plan unless and until they notify us otherwise.

I’m 55 and planning to retire from the College in a few months. Since I qualify as a retiree under College rules, I don’t have to get coverage under the exchange, right?

If you have worked at the College in a benefits eligible position for 10 years past the age of 45, then yes, you will have the option of opting into the College’s under 65 retiree insurance upon retirement and so do not  have to purchase insurance on the exchange.  However, you should keep several things in mind before deciding whether to join the College’s early retiree plan or go into the exchange.  If you chose the College’s plan you will be responsible for paying the full premium (unlike active coverage, for which the College pays the majority of the cost), if you are on a fixed income you may qualify for subsidies in the exchange, and the College offers only one plan while the exchange has numerous plans to choose from.  For these reasons some early retirees may prefer the exchange option.

I’m an over age 65 retiree and so have Medicare coverage. Does the exchange apply to me?

Probably not; the exchanges do not provide Medicare or Medicare Advantage or Medigap supplemental  plans so most retiree will not be need any exchange coverage.  However, low income retirees should contact their state’s exchange to see if they qualify for Medicaid. 

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