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Staff Moving (Relocation) Subsidies


In order for a candidate to be eligible for relocation subsidies, hiring managers must consult with their employment team representative from Human Resources to include these expenses in the overall recruitment plan. Once agreed upon, relocation subsidies will be negotiated with the candidate as part of the employment offer and documented in the appointment letter.  Generally, positions in the Management and Administration bands of the staff compensation systems will be eligible for the subsidy. Other positions which have presented a particular recruitment challenge may be considered on a case by case basis in consultation with Human Resources.


The moving subsidies will be covered by Human Resources within budgeted funds and prior approval is required to verify availability of funds. The appointment letter will instruct the candidate to save original receipts and submit them to HR within two months of the move date. Moving subsidies are granted in accordance with the following guidelines:

Candidate's relocation distance:

  • 76 to 500 miles $ 1,600
  • 501 to 1,000 miles $ 2,300
  • 1,001 to 2,000 miles $ 2,800
  • over 2,000 miles $ 3,500

Note: A relocation subsidy is not intended to cover all moving expenses. Some relocations will exceed the subsidy. The subsidy is intended only to offset the financial realities associated with relocation. If a department chooses to exceed the standard amounts, they must cover the additional expenses with department funding.

* Moving subsidies may also be used to cover travel expenses for house-hunting trips or for a trip by the candidate's spouse or partner to seek employment in the area, or to make arrangements for relocating to Middlebury. Any costs associated with house-hunting trips are considered a benefit and are taxable income per the IRS. This amount will be added to the employee’s taxable income for Federal, FICA and State withholding purposes and they will be taxed accordingly. Please refer to IRS Publication 521 for further information:

IRS Publication 521

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