Off Campus Job Posting Form

To request an off campus job be posted on the Middlebury College Website so that current Middlebury Students can apply, please complete this form. We do not post jobs that are intended for graduated students or for internships post-graduation.

Please Note:
The Student Employment Office does not screen potential employers or employees. The process of hiring students is the responsibility of individual supervisor(s); similarly, students are responsible for obtaining their own employment.

Postings will be kept on the website for 6 months or unless we are notified otherwise (seo@middlebury.edu).

Enter the title of the job you are posting

Location in which the job will take place.

Describe or list the responsibilities of the job.

Please list qualifications or prior experience that would be helpful or required for this job.

Please enter the name of the person the student should contact to apply for the job.

Enter the name of the organization if applicable.

Please indicate the hourly wage or range of pay for this job.

Please indicate days and hours if specific or flexible if appropriate

Please indicate if this is a Work Study position approved by Middlebury College Student Financial Services.