Mentor for Teenager

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Middlebury, VT

Primary Purpose

Looking for a male college student to help in the summer and continue through the school year, if possible, to spend time with my 14-year-old son (will be 15 in May), either at home or in the community. Over the summer, this could include assistance with household chores (yardwork, painting the garage, gardening) and getting exercise (walking, biking, taking him to the College gym for weight-lifting or other activities). I am particularly interested in finding somebody who is interested in robotics, engineering, or software design. In the fall, he may also need help with academics. For the summer, I'd like to have somebody who is available 20-30 hours/week. During the academic year, 10-15 hours/weekly is more likely.

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Barbara Walter
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802.349.8587 or 443.5538
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$10/hr, through Personal Care Funding
Weekdays during the summer, weekends optional
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Not Work Study


Familiarity with characteristics associated with Aspergers Syndrome would be helpful. Interest in pyhsical activity and desire to motivate is key, as is having a laid-back personality. We live 3/4 mile from campus, so having a car is not essential.