Natural Resource Instructor, Green Mountain Conservation Camp

General Information

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Woodbury and Castleton, Vermont

Primary Purpose

Natural Resource Instructors work under the Camp Director and Camp Coordinator. Instructors will be involved in teaching courses at a residential camp ranging from first aid education, hunter firearm safety, fishing, forestry, ecology, fish and wildlife management, and outdoor recreation. Also, supervising and staying in the back of a cabin with 8-10 campers, ages 12-16 on a weekly basis. They will also be responsible for mentoring campers in educational, social, and personal matters and assisting all staff members in carrying out camp goals, objectives, and the Vermont State Fish & Wildlife Department’s mission. Please note: this is a residential position at either the Edward F. Kehoe Camp in Castleton, VT or the Buck Lake Camp in Woodbury, VT.


1. Live near with campers and be available for adolescent counseling and helping each camper adjust to other campers and camp life.
2. Encourage and lead each camper in their participation in camp activities and interactions with other campers.
3. Be able to teach courses independently and co-teach all courses with other staff members (teach 3-5 classes a day).
4. Oversee and interact with cabin of 8-10 campers. Facilitate wake up and nighttime cabin activities. Sleep in the back of the camper cabins during designated weeks.
5. Check with the Director and Assistant Director to see if any work projects need to be completed before taking personal time off when not teaching classes.
6. Hold self to high standards regarding facilities maintenance and cleanliness, class equipment care, and time spent with campers at meal time, swim time, and cabin time.
7. Assist with camp activities, and other responsibilities including; health and safety supervision, dining hall duties, inventory and organizing class materials, grounds maintenance, and similar tasks.
8. Be ‘on call’ to needs and responsibilities of camp and the campers 24 hours a day.
9. Be a positive role model and leader for the campers and volunteer staff.
10. Deal with discipline issues in an appropriate and sensitive manner.
11. Cooperate fully with the Director, Assistant Director, other Instructors, volunteers, and all Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Staff.

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Alison Thomas
Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department: Green Mountain Conservation Camp
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48 hours/week, residential
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Not Work Study

Education & Training


Application Criteria
Minimum one year of college, preferably in Natural Resources, Wildlife, Environmental Education, or similar field. Willingness to work with and teach adolescents 12 to 16 years old is a must. Must be able to provide general guidance and leadership to campers. Leadership, teaching, and mentoring experience are highly desired. Applicants with camping, fishing, hunting/firearm experience, First Aid and CPR certifications or advanced emergency care certifications (WFA, WFR, OEC, etc.), and a valid driver’s license, are preferred.



Positions are open until filled. Early applicants are encouraged.
Room and board is included with the position
Position Dates: Monday, June 4th – Saturday, August 18th