Work Study Title Wagesort icon Date Prepared
Not Work Study Multiple Seasonal Openings at Basin Harbor Club Wages will vary depending on position and candidate experience 07/17/2014
Not Work Study Baby Sitter TBD depending upon experience 08/01/2014
Not Work Study Barista negotiable 08/18/2014
Not Work Study Higher Ground Street Team Depends on the work-- usually free tickets to shows 08/13/2014
Not Work Study Occasional Babysitter depends on experience 07/25/2014
Not Work Study Summer Camp Counselor Competitive 10/15/2014
Not Work Study World Coach Begins @ $13/hr with raises based on 3 month reviews and attendance 08/11/2014
Not Work Study Online testing of Russian-Language learning software 30 per hour 07/10/2014
Work Study Videographer $9/hr 09/01/2014
Work Study Social Networking and Marketing associate $9/hr 09/08/2014
Work Study Otter Creek Child Center- Classroom Assistants $9.50/hr 07/30/2014
Work Study College Street Children's Center Teaching Assistant $9.50/hr 08/26/2014
Work Study Otter Creek Child Center Classroom Assistant $9.50/hr 09/04/2014
Work Study Preschool Teaching Assistant $9.25/hr 08/27/2014
Work Study Recreational Assistant $9.25/hr 09/01/2014
Work Study Sheldon Museum Researcher and Exhibit Preparator $9 09/08/2014
Not Work Study Childcare $40/day 07/18/2014
Not Work Study Director of Music $30/hr or Salary: $7,100 annually. 07/02/2014
Not Work Study Math Tutor $25 / hour 09/24/2014
Not Work Study Personal Aide $13/hr 09/08/2014
Not Work Study Babysitting $12/hr 10/08/2014
Not Work Study Afternoon Babysitter/Nanny $12-16/hr, depending on experience 08/26/2014
Not Work Study Babysitting $12-14 depending on experience 10/16/2014
Not Work Study Personal Aide $12-$14/hour depending on experience 07/22/2014
Not Work Study Farm Help $12 09/22/2014
Not Work Study ACCESS Client Support Specialist with Deaf Adults $11-$15/hr 08/28/2014
Work Study Elderly Day Care Kitchen Assistant $10/hr 08/25/2014
Work Study Activity Leader $10/hr 08/25/2014
Work Study Audio Metadata Assistant $10/hr 09/08/2014
Not Work Study Child Care Provider $10/hour 08/01/2014
Not Work Study Occasional Babysitter $10-12/hr, depending on experience 09/04/2014
Not Work Study Part-Time Childcare $10-12/hr 08/04/2014
Not Work Study Child Caregiver/Babysitter $10-12/hour 08/28/2014
Not Work Study Babysitting $10-$12/hr 09/08/2014
Not Work Study No-car-needed babysitting $10-$12/hr 09/08/2014
Not Work Study Child Care Assistant $10 an hour 10/06/2014
Work Study Social Networking and Marketing Associate $9 /hr 09/18/2014
Not Work Study Server and Dishwasher positions 07/07/2014
Not Work Study Tucker Blair Brand Ambassador 07/15/2014
Not Work Study Occasional evening/weekend babysitter 08/08/2014
Not Work Study Part-time Nanny 08/28/2014
Not Work Study Clerical Assistant 10/02/2014