Using PeopleAdmin

PeopleAdmin is a job posting and applicant tracking system. It also serves as a repository for all job descriptions. Supervisors of student positions ("hiring managers") will use this system when they need to post an open position, view applicants or review existing job descriptions. The links to the left of this page under the sub-section "Using PeopleAdmin" will walk you through the different steps.

Postings for the new academic year go live the week before fall classes begin. During this week and the first two weeks of school, students that receive financial aid will have the opportunity to apply for posted jobs on campus. All other students must wait to begin applying to on campus jobs until after the third week.

The name and email address of the Hiring Manager will be added by SEO to each posting so that student's can follow up with the appropriate person on the status of their submitted application. It is important that postings be closed once a position has been filled; this not only updates the job posting site but notifies applicants regarding their candidacy. 

Please note that hiring manager's do NOT receive notification upon submission of an application for a posting. Hiring managers must log in to PeopleAdmin to view applicants (see Reviewing Applicants for instructions).