I can't find a requisition that I started but did not yet submit. Is it gone?

No, it is still there. Be sure that you are logged in using the Student Supervisor user group and in the Applicant Tracking module. Then, go to Postings - Student. You should see the requisition listed in a workflow state of "Draft". Click on the requisition to continue working on it.

When you are ready to submit the requisition click the orange "Take Action on Posting" button and select "Approved (move to Student Employment)".

What browser should I use to access PeopleAdmin?

PeopleAdmin currently supports: 

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 7 and 8 
  • Mozilla Firefox® version 5 and later 
  • Apple Safari® version 4 and later 
  • Google Chrome™

If you are not using one of these browsers and are experiencing issues, please be sure to either install a supported browser and version or upgrade your existing browser to a supported version.

Can I move my applicants to another workflow state as a group?

Yes, as explained in the Reviewing Applicants section, you can change the status of your applicants in bulk. In order to do this, you need to filter your applicants based on their workflow status. Since you can only bulk move applicants in the same status, this option will not appear until the only applicants listed on your screen hold the same status. To filter by status:

  1. Go to your applicant list.
  2. Select "More search options" next to the search field at the top of your applicant list.
  3. Select the Wokflow state that you wish to filter and click Search.
  4. The "Move in Workflow" option should now be available via the Actions button above the applicant list on the right hand side of your screen.
How do I view the applicants that I moved to an inactive status?

In the Applicants page, click the “More Search Options” button next to the search field and select “Inactive” in the Active/Inactive selection box. Then click the search button. This will allow you to view your inactive applicants. (You can view both Inactive and Active applicants by holding down the shift or control key as you make selections.)