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Get involved in preventing sexual violence at Middlebury

There are many formal and informal ways members of the Middlebury community can contribute to eradicating sexual violence:

  1. Identify and challenge rape-supportive attitudes and messages in your daily life. Learn more here.
  2. Take a stand. When you see someone in a potentially dangerous situation, get a friend--there is strength in numbers! Think creatively about how to address the situation in a way that removes the threat, but puts you and your friends at minimal risk. Then stand up, and step in. Create a diversion; fake an important phone call for one of the involved students; contact Public Safety; do whatever you can do to interrupt the action. At worst, you may face embarrassment and resentment. At best, you may be preventing another individual from being sexually assaulted.
  3. Volunteer on the SAOC. Although we are limited to an official membership of 15, including three students, any member of the College community who wants to join our work is welcome to do so informally at the sub-committee level. Since our launch in 2009, we have had a number of students volunteering in this capacity who have been virtually indistinguishable from our "official" members in their commitment and contributions. As Harry Truman wrote, "It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit!" Contact any of our members to get involved.
  4. Apply to become an Advocate. The SAOC is currently selecting 10 students in the spring of 2013 to serve as student advocates in 2013-14. Learn more here.
  5. Become WomenSafe volunteer. WomenSafe is a local agency providing services to survivors of sexual, physical and emotional violence in Addison County. At the beginning of each fall, they offer a comprehensive volunteer training program for volunteers who wish to support their work. Contact them at info@womensafe.net for more information.