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If you are not sure if you have been sexually assaulted

Many students have sexual experiences that feel violating, either in the moment itself, or in the days afterward. Whatever your experience, you deserve care.

All of the resources that are listed on this web site are available to all students in distress, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or whether you feel your experience meets the Handbook definition of sexual assault. It is not necessary for you, or for others, to label your experience as sexual assault in order for you to receive, and deserve, medical and emotional care. Visit If you have been sexually assaulted to review immediate and long-term resources.

Medical Care
If you have experienced sexual contact that may have resulted in injury, sexually transmitted disease, pregnancy, or other physical conditionfor Health and Wellness or from Porter Hospital. Even if you are not sure if your experience constituted sexual assault, you may request a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Practitioner) to collect evidence for a rape kit.

Talking with a counselor, a chaplain, a dean, a trusted friend or adviser, or a trained hotline worker through some of resources listed in Seeking care and seeking action can help you to make sense of your experience and figure out what resources and options will be most hepful to you.

Resist the urge that you and others may have to label your experience. This may not be useful to you now, or ever, and may lead you to discount avenues for care and response that could be helpful to you. Although you may eventually find it useful to review Middlebury's and Vermont's relevant policies, and other related definitions on the Terminology page to make sense of your experience, focus first on taking care your immediate medical and emotional needs.