Middlebury College Forms

Financial, Legal, & Compliance Forms

Middlebury's internal endorsement procedure uses a online Proposal Endorsement and Tracking (PET) form (replacing what had been known as the  “blue sheet”) to collect information about proposals for external funding and to document compliance with college and sponsor policies and federal regulations.

Faculty and staff will be provided information about the online PET form and endorsement process when they notify grants office staff  that they are working on a grant proposal.    

Middlebury College researchers (and other project directors based in Vermont): Contact the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs.  

MIIS researchers and project directors:   Contact the office of Foundation Relations and Institutional Grants.   

Not sure if you need to follow PET procedures for your grant proposal? Check here.

Use this form to request grant expenditures that differ from those described in the proposal budget. To read the policy that governs the Organizational Prior Approval System, click here.

Use this form to report family relationships between the PI and other grant-funded persons.

 Family Relationship Disclosure FormNIH Assurance Form            

If you are applying for NIH support, please submit a signed copy of  this form with your blue sheet.

 Microsoft Office document iconRCR_Certification_Form 

If your grant sponsor requires that you train student researchers in the Responsible Conduct of Research, use this form to document training.

Use this form if you are applying to or funded by any Public Health Service entity (including NIH, CDC, and VGN) to report “significant financial interests” related to your “institutional responsibilities” or to report that you have no such interests. See Middlebury's PHS/NIH Financial Conflict of Interest Policy for definitions of these terms.

PHS-funded investigators: use this form for ad hoc disclosure of reimbursed or sponsored travel related to your institutional responsibilities. All supported travel must be disclosed unless it is funded through Middlebury or any other U.S. institution of higher education, hospital, academic medical center, or local, state or federal government.

Conflicting Financial Interest Disclosure Form

Use this form for all sponsors except Public Health Service entities to report “significant financial interests” that could potentially be a financial conflict of interest with the research or other activities funded by the external sponsor or to report that you have no such interests.

If you want to purchase equipment that costs more than $10,000 and don't want to collect written bids (required by College policy in most cases), you must you must submit this form to the Office of Grants & Contract Administration. More restrictions may apply.

Forms related to the College Faculty Professional Development Fund and other funding that is managed by the office of Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty can be found on the academic affairs website.  This includes forms related to the leave program and the voucher for requesting travel advances or reimbursement from those funds. 

Time and Effort Forms for Vermont faculty and staff

If your grant includes funding for summer salary, you must complete an online form.   Faculty with active grants will be sent a link in the spring (generally prior to mid-May).   Questions can be directed to  Grants Accounting or OGSP.  

If your grant includes funding for leave salary, course release, academic year stipends, or any other type of compensation, contact OGSP for more information.    


Use these forms to request payment (for example, reimbursement of travel expenses, honoraria and other payments to consultants, etc.).