Sponsor Application Forms

The days of making multiple paper copies of your proposal and shipping them to the sponsor are fast coming to an end! As sponsors adopt electronic submission, they increasingly require electronic forms, and requirements are still in flux. Forms are often combined with or posted alongside the guidelines for applying. This page has links to application forms and guidelines for several programs and resources.

Caution: Application forms are updated frequently. Using the wrong forms can cause problems with your proposal submission, up to and including non-acceptance. Be sure you are using the most current forms for the correct program and sponsor!

If you can't find the form you need on these pages, or you're not sure, please contact Sponsored Programs staff.


Grants.gov has become "one stop shopping" for ALL federal funding. Proposals must be submitted electronically, using a Grants.gov application. The application "form" is an interactive PDF file; to use it, you type information into fields; you also attach files.

Application forms and guidelines differ by funding agency and opportunity. Browse here by Agency or Category to find specific grant applications. To be sure you get the right application, double-check the Funding Opportunity Number (FON) or Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number before downloading the application. On the Search Results page for the Category or Agency, FONs are listed in the Funding Number column; CFDA numbers are often part of the Opportunity Title.

Once you have found the application you want, download it to your computer and work on it there. To submit, you must upload the application forms and all attachments as one file. Please contact the SRO if you need help!

To use the Grants.gov application, you must have a compatible version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer.


This link takes you to general Information about NEH Fellowships and the application guidelines: see Section IV of the linked page.


Download NIH forms and application guidelines.


All proposals must be submitted electronically through NSF's FastLane System. Forms are created online and are not available for download as individual documents.

Log in to FastLane

Download the NSF Grant Proposal Guide in PDF form.

A budget worksheet that matches NSF categories is available in Excel format from the SRO. Contact Franci Farnsworth at x5889.

Leave Funding Forms

American Council of Learned Societies

Other application forms are available at individual sponsors' sites.

The American Philosophical Society now requires online application.