Data Stewardship

Middlebury has a data classification policy which identifies data as Extremely sensitive, internal or public. Data is classified and managed by data stewards. Data stewards are department heads or their designates, who have planning and policy level responsibility for data within their areas, and management responsibilities for defined segments of institutional data.

It is a Data Steward’s responsibility to:

  • develop consistent data definitions
  • develop and adhere to data standards created by the institution
  • document the business rules of their area
  • monitor the quality of the data input and output from the systems they use
  • define security requirements
  • work with other data stewards on integration requirements
  • communicate critical uses of data on which other departments depend


If you believe that you hold the above responsibilities or manage data please visit the following link to complete a data steward assessment survey. This will help us better identify our current list of data stewards.


Click here to complete the Data Steward Assessment