ITS Project Management Process

Middlebury ITS, like other IT departments in other industries, supports the institution by delivering value based solutions to satisfy our shared mission, goals, and objectives. Projects often require a structured process, effective tools, and various resources while ensuring the outcomes are within cost, allotted time period and specified quality guidelines. In order to accomplish this, ITS embarked on a Project Management Process improvement initiative.

Our primary goal is to improve the success rate and customer satisfaction with ITS projects and other projects in which ITS is involved.

Supporting Goals and Deliverables:

  • Develop a standardized but flexible Project Management Framework for ITS projects that supports a defined Project Life Cycle.

  • Create a single project request process for all ITS projects, both internal and external.

  • Empower all levels of staff to make decisions related to projects and priorities within thresholds defined by their managers.

  • Develop a standardized project management template that includes appropriate artifacts.

  • Develop improved metrics by providing a holistic view into operational and project activities throughout ITS.

Project Management Process:

  • In order to ensure that the ITS team was equipped with the right process tools and training to execute Projects, ITS consulted Jen Mincar (Mincar Consulting) for advisement and in-person project execution training.  

  • Having a single one stop point for project requests will streamline, consolidate and reduce the complexity of communicating project needs with the ITS team.  

  • Overall the tools and process above are designed to facilitate engagement, collaboration, planning and communications within ITS and outside the organization so that outcomes deliver the value and achieve the goals set out by the project team.

  • This initiative is iterative and evolving in nature; the team is open to feedback and suggestions from all and will continually seek to improve outcomes via After Action Reviews, Retrospectives and documenting Lessons Learned.