Roles and Responsibilities


All projects have teams of various sizes and need to have their roles and responsibilities defined to avoid conflicts, make sure the work is owned and completed by the right people and create team cohesion. The link below provides further information in depth about ITS Project Roles and Responsibilities.

Role of the ITS Project Manager (ITS-PM):  

The ITS-PM is the individual ultimately responsible for ensuring that the ITS project management process is followed and all associated artifacts (documents, project charters, project plans, and weekly status updates) are complete on time.   The ITS-PM may maintain these artifacts themselves or may delegate and/or collaborate to ensure all relevant materials are completed on time.  

Role of ITS-PM versus Vendor-PM or Functional-PM:

In the event the overall project is being managed primarily by a vendor’s project manager or within another functional area of the college, the ITS-PM is still responsible for maintaining all artifacts required as part of the ITS project management process.   For example – all ITS projects, regardless of where the lead PM resides, should include a completed WHD project request, project charter, and status report.  If the master project plan is being managed by someone outside ITS, make note of this in the Project Charter and link to the location of the project plan.  Status reports of projects must be maintained by the ITS-PM on a weekly basis regardless of where the master project initiative is being managed.

ITS Project Manager’s (ITS-PM) responsibilities

  • Create and maintain PM deliverables and artifacts:  Ultimately responsible for all project management deliverables and artifacts that support projects and programs within ITS including project planning, scope management, quality management, resource management, schedule management, risk management, communications management, post-implementation review, etc.

  • Organize project artifacts: Assures the creation, existence, quality, and accuracy of necessary project related documentation  and artifacts including, but not limited to, the ITS Project Charter, ITS Project Plan, WHD Project Request, and weekly status updates.  Creation and maintenance of these materials may be delegated where appropriate.

  • Follow standards: Creates project charters, plans, and status reports using established ITS standards.  

  • Change Management: Ensures the ITS (and where applicable vendors) change management process is utilized effectively to ensure customer satisfaction and scope/risk management.

  • Manage a budget: Manage project expenses to stay within or under approved budget.

  • Manage the plan: Development and implementation of complete project schedules to ensure required dates are met. Must be able to generate and manage detailed project plans.

  • Develop PM best practices: Manage adherence to and improvement of ITS Project Management best practices and Project Management Institute (PMI) methodology and procedures.  Make recommendations to the ITS Project Management Team, ITS Managers, or Senior Leadership Team regarding improvements to the ITS project management process.

  • Maintain customer satisfaction: Monitor and maintain customer satisfaction by engaging in status meetings and updates as necessary and agreed upon during project initiation.   Report concerns or issues to ITS leadership immediately while simultaneously working with customers, ITS staff, and vendors to resolve all issues.

  • Project leadership and direction: Maintain a positive rapport with the project team. Maintain effective working relationships throughout the college, with vendors, and with 3rd parties.

  • Communicate status and issues: Communicate timely status and escalations of any issues to project team, sponsor,  and stakeholders.  Update department project lists with project status on a regular basis.

  • Smooth transition to support: The project manager is accountable for the successful transition of projects to a production status including communicating go-live status with constituents, stakeholders, sponsors, etc.  The ITS-PM is responsible for ensuring all projects are handed off to User Services support staff where applicable.

  • Contributes to the implementation of the project  where applicable

  • Meet objectives: Consistently meets documented deadlines, objectives, and milestones.

  • Own project results & optimization: Track and report project results against project objectives and provide recommendations for corrective action and/or suggestions to  improve the project outcome.

  • Document: Create project directory (in Middfiles, Google Drive, etc.) and ensure all project documents are archived in project directory for easy access.

  • Conducts After Activity Reviews (AAR) to document what went well and where improvements can be made.  Documents lessons-learned from project and shares with all project participants and ITS Senior Leadership Team

What is a project Sponsor?

  • Is positioned at a leadership level in the organization

    • From organization with the largest business impact and/or

    • Organization with the largest resource requirement

  • Provides the funding for the project through annual budget request process

  • Provides advocacy and support required to ensure the project receives the necessary resources to be successful

Sponsor responsibilities:

  • Demonstrates organization's overall commitment to the project

  • Communicates the project's purpose/value to the Senior Leadership Group(SLG)

  • Approves the project's objectives, scope, and success criteria

  • Ensures compliance with business objectives

  • Provides funding through annual budget request process (where applicable)

  • Approves in conjunction with ITS-PM:

    • Resource levels. Provides additional resources if necessary

    • Project changes and communicates to execs when necessary

    • Priorities internally and externally

  • Helps address road blocks, removes obstacles or other constraints.

  • Ensures timely resolution of issues affecting project success

  • Assists:

    • ITS- PM in making key project decisions

    • team by providing direction and support

  • Is integral to connecting with customers and setting expectations with the community

  • Attends key  status meetings when appropriate

  • Is accessible and provides guidance, encouragement, and feedback throughout the course of the project

  • Ensures that the ownership of the project deliverables when completed are explicit (e.g. the transition to operations/Service & Support -- is known and smooth)

  • Promotes team recognition