WHD Project Request

The Web Help Desk Project Request ticket is the launching pad in order to bring your project to the official attention to ITS staff. Below are some of the main fields that aid the Project Manager and Technical Lead in completing the Project Charter and your project overall.

Note: Items marked with an * below will be provided to you by the ITS Project Manager if you do not have this information

Project Title: Give the project a meaningful and accurate title that gives a quick overall view into the goals and objectives for the project.

Date Needed By: This is the date that you estimate you need this project completed by; it should be thought out carefully as ITS will take it into consideration when determining if the needed resources are able to accomplish this.

Project Vision & Outcome: What exactly is the project overall going to deliver and produce.

Project Justification & Organizational Goals: Why is this project needed and does it meet organizational goals; what happens if we do not do this project?

*URL of Project Charter: The url location of the Project Charter.         

*URL to Project Plan: The url location of the Project Plan.   

*URL to Project Status Report: The url location of the PSR.   

*Current Status: Where is the queue is the project currently; these include waiting for review, not started, not approved, In progress, cancelled, completed or on hold.

The Project Manager and or the Assigned Technical lead assigned for the project are responsible for updating the Project Request ticket status. Clients can communicate with the Project Tech Lead via the ticket notes section.