Calls: Incoming & Outgoing

Incoming Calls 

Outside callers may reach a college extension, directly, by dialing 802-443 + the 4-digit extension.

Outgoing Calls (Dialing Instructions)

Dialing 9 from your office phone will get you an outside line. If you employ student workers, it is your responsibility to monitor use to insure this service is for work purposes only.

Public and shared area phones are limited to on-campus and local calling only.

On-Campus CallsDial 4-digit extension

Inter-Campus Calls

Calls can be made between locations using Middlebury’s infrastructure,

not the carrier telephone system.

This reduces the buttons needed to dial, and saves on long-distance billing.

There is a two digit leading code for each location, then the last 4 numbers

of the extension being called. (Intra-campus calls do not require the leading digits)


#1 + 4-digit extension -- Middlebury

#2 = 4-digit extension -- Monterey

#3 + 4-digit extension -- Washington DC


Local Off-campus Calls

(Review Middlebury area local exchanges)
Dial 9 + 7-digit local number
Toll-free CallsDial 9 + toll-free number

Local Cell Phones

(Review Middlebury area local exchanges)
Dial 9 + 7-digit local number

Cell Phones with non-Middlebury exchanges


9 + area code + number

Toll Calls*

9 + area code + number

International Country Codes and Exit Codes*

Country codes are used when dialing an international phone number.

Exit codes (also known as international access codes or IDD International

Direct Dialing codes) are used for dialing out of a particular country.


9 + 011 + country code + city code + number

5911 (on-campus responders)

911 (off- and on-campus responders)

5133 (other Public Safety calls)


*Students and guests must use a calling card for toll calling.  Cards area available at the College Bookstore in Proctor Hall.


last update:  June 28, 2018