Faculty & Staff Telephones

Your Office (Ericsson Digital) Telephone

The black, digital (Ericsson) phone you have in your office may be a bit intimidating at first, but rest assured it isn't terribly complicated to learn.  Please review this guide to discover many of the features and how to use them.  

For a complete description of keys and phone functions of your (black), see Ericsson Telephone - User's Guide

For at-a-glance descriptions of often used functions, see the Quick Reference Guide for Ericsson Telephones and Voice Mail .


All Ericsson telephone sets have a speakerphone with sound quality adequate for general office or small area use.

In a conference room, you may want to use an analog Polycom speakerphone, which may be reserved either online or by calling the Davis Family Library circulation desk (x5494).  Telephone Services (x5700) can confirm which locations have an analog line.  If only a digital (Ericsson set) line is available, you may borrow an adapter from Telephone Services.

Office Moves

When you plan a move to another office, the first step is to fill out the Facilities Services Office Move request form.

If you are moving to a location that does not have a wired phone jack or you have a special request that requires wiring or new hardware, please contact Telephone Services at x5700 or email Telephone Services at least two weeks before your move

Telephone Label (Insert) Template

Use the Telephone Label Template to update the paper insert to indicate the programming on your Ericsson phone.  If you have a wing added to the right side of your Ericsson phone and want a new insert for it contact Telephone Services (x5700).

Forward Calls to an External Phone (External Call Forwarding)

You need a different class of service on your campus phone, which may be accomplished by asking Telephone Services to change it. 

Establishing and cancelling call forwarding is something the user executes.  Telephone Services cannot monitor or adjust call forwarding for users.  This is something done on the at the user's extension.

You control the external call forwarding from your campus phone, once you have the correct class of service.

To activate:

  • Lift the handset
  • Dial * + 2 + 3 + #

A display message requests Access Code+ Number:

  • Dial 9 to get an outside line then the phone number.
  • Press #

Dial tone signal will change and the CALL DIVERSION light will turn on.

  • Replace the handset

To cancel:

  • Press the CALL DIVERSION key


  • Dial # + 2 + 3 + #

Dial tone signal will change and the CALL DIVERSION light will turn off.


Troubleshooting and Repairs:  Call Telephone Services at x5700.


last update:  June 1, 2015