Unity Voice Mail


Voice Mail initial PIN is 6433

Mailbox set-up

NOTE: You must go through the entire set-up process of changing your PIN, recording your name, and recording a greeting in order for initial set-up to take.

Voice Mail ID is your 10-digit telephone:

  1. To access your voice mailbox from a phone other than your own:

a. Dial the voice mail access number 802-443-6600 or 831-647-6600.

b. Press the * key after the system answers. 

c. Then enter your ID as your 10-digit telephone number 802443xxxx, 831647xxxx, or 202601xxxx followed by pound sign #.

d. Then enter your voice mail PIN followed by #.

Note: you can also dial your own telephone number from on or off-campus and when your greeting plays, press * and follow instructions c and d.

Voice Mail Greetings

Standard Greeting - use for when you are in the office.

Alternate Greeting - use for when you are out of the office for an extended period.  You can set it to expire on a particular date and time so that you need not remember to turn it off when you return.

Closed Greeting - Regular users should not use this greeting; it only activates if the entire system is set up for closed mode by a system administrator.

Voice Mail Speech-enabled Directory - all locations

Dial extension 5000 or 802-443-5000 from off-campus and press 1.  Say the name of the person you want to reach.

Leave message without directly calling campus extension:

Enter * then the 10-digit telephone number of the campus number. Press call.  You will hear the voice mail greeting and then tone to leave a message.