Academic Year Students

Class or Project Long Distance Calling

Faculty who require students to place long distance calls must contact Telephone Services, with an end date and the Banner index to be charged, at least a day ahead of the call to arrange for a TAC for those students to use.  It is the department's responsibility to monitor use to insure the TAC is used for this purpose only.

Dorm Room Telephone Service - Academic Year Only. 

There is no in-room telephone service available for students over the summer.

The college provides courtesy telephones in all residence halls, in shared spaces such as hallways and lounges.

If you desire a personal telephone line in your room, you may request service through the Personal Information link on BannerWeb.  You will need to provide your own telephone.  There is a $50 installation fee per line per academic year.  Service should be expected within approximately 2 weeks of your request.

You may request a voice mailbox for your phone, at no additional charge.  Calls will divert to that mailbox after four unanswered rings or when your phone line is busy.  You will be notified of new voice mail via a stuttered dial tone.  Alternatively, the college system is compatible with most telephones that include a built-in answering machine.

Caller identification is not available.

Troubleshooting and Repairs:  Call Telephone Services at x5700.

Fax Services for Students (Free)

Incoming:  An incoming-only fax machine is in the Mail Center in McCullough Student Center. Received faxes for students are delivered through campus mail without notification.  The fax number is 802-443-2068. 

Outgoing:  Career Services has a fax machine you may use for job applications.  An outgoing-only fax machine is located in Davis Family Library 242 via the copier.  To dial from a fax machine:

On-Campus Calls

Dial 4-digit extension

Local Off-campus Calls

Dial 9 + 7-digit local number

Toll-free Calls

Dial 9 + toll-free number

Toll Calls

Dial 9 + area code + number

International Calls

Dial 9 + 011 + country code + city code + number


last update:  September 1, 2016