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Get Involved with Art in Public Places

For members of the Middlebury College community who are looking for a way to interact with the process of siting and interpreting works of public art on campus the Committee on Art in Public Places (CAPP) offers an avenue for individuals to make their voices heard.

While the members of the committee are determined mostly by appointment or through ex officio status, on occasion members of the college community are invited as guests to advise on projects with which they have some tangential involvement. In addition, each year in the fall the departments of History of Art and Architecture and Studio Art each elect two student representatives to serve on CAPP.

Members of the college community are encouraged to contact individual members of CAPP to voice opinions, concerns, and questions regarding public art on campus.

Committee on Art in Public Places Board Committee and Advisory Council Members 2017–2018

CAPP is a formal subcommittee of the Board of Trustees of Middlebury College comprised of the core of the CAPP Advisory Council and chaired by a trustee of Middlebury College as appointed by the President.

Kirtley Cameron ’95, chair
Pieter Broucke
Nicholas Clifford, Friends of the Art Museum representative
Eliza Garrison
Robin Graham ’63, trustee member
Sanford Mirling
Richard Saunders, Museum Liaison
Douglas Perkins ’94, clerk

The CAPP Advisory Council is a broader committee of Middlebury faculty, staff, students, and trustees chaired by the Director of the Middlebury College Museum of Art. The core of the committee is comprised of the standing members of the Museum’s Collections Committee. In addition, the committee includes the following ex officio members: VP for College Advancement, Chair of the Middlebury College Arts Council, Associate VP for Facilities Planning, the Director of the Arts, the Museum’s Exhibitions Designer, the Operations Manager of the Mahaney Center for the Arts, two trustees of the college as designated by the President, two elected student members from the Department of History of Art and Architecture, and one elected student member from the Program in Studio Art.

Richard Saunders, chair
Douglas Perkins ’94, clerk
Ethan Brady ’18
Pieter Broucke
Kirtley Cameron ’95, trustee member
Nicholas Clifford, Friends of the Art Museum representative
Emmie Donadio
Eliza Garrison
Robin Graham ’63, trustee member
Rick Lapham ’70, Arts Council Chair
Sanford Mirling
Ken Pohlman
Liza Sacheli
Mary Stanley
Weston Uram ’18
Janie Chester Young
Veronika Zubrytska ’17.5

Art in Public Places
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