About the Professor

Professor Russ Leng

Russ Leng, '60, is the James Jermain Professor Emeritus of Political Economy and International Law at Middlebury College. He taught full-time at Middlebury for 40 years before retiring in 2007. He has continued to teach an advanced seminar each spring term, and at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey during the January term.

Professor Leng completed his PhD at American University, and his BA at Middlebury. He did postgraduate work at the University of Michigan, where he became involved in career-long research associated with the Correlates of War project.

Leng’s research on the behavioral correlates of war includes two books Bargaining and Learning in Recurring Crises: The Soviet-American, Egyptian-Israeli, and Indo-Pakistani Rivalries (University of Michigan Press, 2000) and Interstate Crisis Behavior, 1816-1980: Realism vs. Reciprocity (Cambridge University Press, 1993), as well as many articles in professional journals. He continues to do research on international conflict behavior with a current focus on the use of negotiation in militarized disputes.

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