COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

There are many things you have to do before you get here.  Beginning in May 2020, you'll be able to access a helpful checklist here. For Febs, it's helpful to do some of the task items you can in the spring, so you don't forget during your fall semester off.

First-Year Feb Pre-Arrival Checklist

There are many things you must do before you arrive on campus.   Each month there are things to do.  Students arriving in February 2020 may complete some prearrival tasks in the spring and summer of 2019, but many of these tasks will need to be done in the fall of 2019. Monitor your Middlebury email address for reminders and updates.

Here are the first two things you should do now.  

1.  Set up your Middlebury College E-Mail Account

  • You should have received emailed instructions with information on how to set up your Middlebury College email. If you run into issues setting up your account, email for technical support. 
  • Once you've activated your account, begin checking your Middlebury email regularly at It's how we'll communicate with you from this point onward.

2. Start your Pre-Arrival Checklist on Banner

  • Log onto Middlebury's online database BannerWeb for the comprehensive Pre-Arrival Checklist and links to all required forms.  You can log into your account using your Middlebury email login. 
  • Review the required and optional tasks and forms in BannerWeb.



please log into BannerWeb to access these pre-arrival tasks

  • JULY 1:
    • Personal Information: Enter new or update existing information into BannerWeb
    • Parent Contact/Family Information: Enter new or update existing information; after February any address and contact information changes for you or your family members must be directed to your Dean's Office.

please log into BannerWeb to access these pre-arrival tasks

    • Set up Middlebury College Student Health Portal Account: You must set up your Middlebury College Health Portal. You need your college email address and ID number to run this program. Review Required Student Health Forms: Sign on to the Student Health Portal for instructions on completing required general health forms

please log into BannerWeb to access these pre-arrival tasks

  • OCTOBER 15:
    • Immunization and Student Health Forms DUE TODAY: Immunization records and other required health forms due to be uploaded via Student Health Portal. Students who do not submit immunization records and required health forms will not receive their housing assignment until they do so. If there is any possibility that you will participate in an intercollegiate sport or club rugby or crew, the NCAA requires that your physical exam is completed within 6 months of the start of your athletic season.

please log into BannerWeb to access these pre-arrival tasks

    • Accommodations Request Form: Students may complete a questionnaire not you may need accommodations at Middlebury. If you know that you need accommodations, you may submit an Accommodation Request Form ("ARF"). Please note that all requests for special residential accommodations related to disabilities must be made by submitting the ARF.  
    • Form I-20/Form DS-2019 Application and Supporting Documents (International and Exchange Students only): Students should contact International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) with questions at
  • NOVEMBER 15:
    • Create Nelnet Account and add Authorized Payers: Around November 15, students will receive an email from Nelnet Campus Commerce with the spring semester bill.  Students will need to click the link in the email to complete the set up of their student account and to add their authorized payers to the account. Once logged into their account, students and authorized payers can view account charges and payments, make electronic bank transfer and credit card payments, and enroll in payment plans for the semester. 


please log into BannerWeb to access these pre-arrival tasks

  • DECEMBER 15:
    • Pay Balance on Student Account: If students have not yet completed the set up for their student accounts and added authorized payers, students will need to click the link in the email from Nelnet Campus Commerce that was sent to their emails around November 15. Payments by electronic bank transfer or credit card can be made on student accounts. Enrollment in a payment plan is expected if payment is not made in full by December 15. More information about payment options can be found here.



please log into BannerWeb to access these pre-arrival tasks

  • JANUARY 1:
    • Health Related Travel Information: Review Parton Health Center’s web page for the most up-to-date health related travel information as well as other guidance that might impact your studies at Middlebury.
    • Online Placement Exams Open:  Whenever possible, placement exams should be taken in January in advance of your arrival on campus.  Online exams will be available in January. 
  • JANUARY 3:
    • Early Arrival Registration Form (International, Exchange, and U.S. Abroad Students only): Students should contact International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) with questions at
    • Housing Contract & Questionnaire: This form will be available to new students in October, please complete the form by January 3 in the StarRez Portal. 
  • JANUARY 5: 
    • February Orientation Trip registration: In February, students will go on a one day adventure during orientation.  Sign up and share your preferences. Information to register will be emailed out in December.
  • JANUARY 10:
    • ID Photo Submission: Upload a passport quality photo for your student ID card.
    • Bicycle Registration: For those who choose to bring a bike to campus, please register your bike here
    • Vehicle Registration: For those who choose to bring a vehicle to campus, please register via BannerWeb.
    • Parking Permit: For those who choose to bring a vehicle to campus, please purchase a parking permit via the Public Safety Storefront.
  • JANUARY 13:
    • First-Year Seminar Registration: This is only for first-year students; transfer and exchange students do not enroll in First-Year Seminars and will complete course registration when they arrive on campus. First-Year Seminar registration will begin at noon on January 6rd and will stay open until 5:00 pm on January 13th.  For complete First-Year Seminar information, refer to the email with First-Year Registration Booklet to be sent from the First-Year Seminar Director to your Middlebury address a few days before the January 6-13 First-Year Seminar Registration.
  • JANUARY 14:
    • Update Emergency Contact Information on BannerWeb: Enter new or update existing information; after January any address and contact information changes for you or your family members must be directed to your Dean's Office.
    • Missing Person Contact: Off-campus contact to reach if the student is reported missing.
    • Personal Evacuation Plan: All students must have a plan in the event that the college needs to have an emergency evacuation

please log into BannerWeb to access these pre-arrival tasks

    • Display/Update Preferred First Name and Pronoun: Any student can choose to be addressed by the first name that they prefer regardless of whether or not they have legally changed their name. Students can also indicate the gender pronoun they choose to identify with and would prefer others use when talking to or about them.
    • Insurance Waiver and Enrollment Form: All students are required to make a decision on whether to enroll or waive the Student Health Insurance Plan. Please complete the required Decision Form, affirming that you wish to enroll or that you have health insurance valid in the State of Vermont. 
    • Emergency Preparedness Training: All First-Year students are required to view “Emergency Preparedness at Middlebury”. This important video ensures you are prepared in case an emergency occurs on campus. After viewing the video, you will be provided with a link to log your attendance by taking a short quiz.
  • FEBRUARY 8: 
    • Health and Wellness Courses: Prior to arrival on campus, all incoming students are REQUIRED to complete two health and wellness courses that address alcohol, drugs, relationships, sexual violence, bystander intervention, and harassment.  If you are an international student with limited access to the Internet or a student who has yet to complete the courses, you will be required to complete the courses shortly after arriving on campus.
    • Placement Exams: Incoming students planning to enroll in courses in certain departments must take placement exams. Read the Placement Exam Chart for information about exam formats, instructions, locations, and availability. Complete any online placement exams in January, before you arrive on campus, using a computer with web access. (If you do not have an Internet connection, you can take your online placement exams on campus February 11.) 
  • FEBRUARY 10:
    • Annual Security and Safety Fire Report: Middlebury is required by law to provide access to our annual campus security report, located at Please confirm your receipt of this information.
    • Voter Registration:  Before arriving on campus, we encourage US citizens to register to vote in their home state. If students are interested in registering in Vermont, they can do so using their Middlebury College address (e.g. Middlebury College Box ####, 14 Old Chapel Road, Middlebury, VT 05753). 
    • Recycling & Waste at Middlebury: Learn how to properly sort waste into trash, recycling, and compost at Middlebury College! Check out go/sustainability for more information.