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February Orientation Schedules

February Orientation 2021 will be conducted remotely prior to incoming students' arrival on campus. Details to come as we finalize the timeline and events of the program.

Click the links below to see the February Orientation 2020 overview schedules for first-year students, transfer and exchange students, and families.

Feb. Orientation - First-Year Students 2020

Feb. Orientation - Transfer & Exchange Students 2020

Feb. Orientation - Families 2020

Please click here for a detailed orientation schedule

Come late January, the best way to view the schedules is to download the Middlebury College Mobile App directly to your Apple or Android Device. Find the app by typing "Middlebury College Mobile App" in iTunes or the Google App search bar. Click here for full instructions on accessing the Middebury College Mobile App.

After January 31, 2020, you will see an icon called "February Orientation" on the homescreen, which will provide the whole February Orientation schedule.

Reach out to if you have questions.