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February Orientation

Feb Leader Welcome 2015

Dear Members of the Class of 2023 entering in February,

Welcome, and congratulations on your acceptance! We are looking forward to your arrival in February of 2020. For any student joining us in February, whether you are a new student, transfer student or an exchange student, below are some February Orientation basics to help you start your journey here.

  • The February Orientation program is 5 days long
  • Click here for an overview of our February Orientation schedule
  • Before arriving to campus, be sure to download the Middlebury College app which will house our February Orienation schedule. For instructions on downloading the app, click here
  • Orientation starts with move-in day on Wednesday February 5, 2020.
  • During orientation you’ll start to get to know people in your Commons and your incoming class, meet with your advisor, and register for classes.
  • If you have family joining you, we have orientation programming for families starting on Wednesday February 5th - Thursday February 6th at noon.

While full information about your February 2020 orientation will be posted in the fall, newly admitted students often find the previous year’s information a helpful reference. We've therefore left much of the 2019 content accessible in these pages. 

Use the links below and to the left to learn more about what to expect during Orientation. If you have questions you can email us at or call us at 802-443-3006.

Pre-Arrival Checklist

Please read the descriptions of the February Pre-Arrival Checklist to become familiar with your due dates. There are many things you have to do before you get here.  Beginning in May 2019, you'll be able to access a helpful checklist. 

February Orientation Trips

We offer optional orientation trips in February for new students.  There are outdoor orientation trips and community engagement trips.  Registration for the trips will start in late November.


You will receive several mailings and emails from the College over the course of the next few months. We will post all of those documents here for easy reference.

Additional Feb FAQs

Check out what current Febs have to say about their Feb Experience.

Campus Resources

Discover the variety of resources and services Middlebury has to offer students.