COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Exceptions to Academic Policies

With adequate documentation, the Disability Resource Center can approve the following accommodations when based on a documented disability/exceptional medical circumstances:

  • Course drops after the deadline
  • Approval for reduced course load (2 or fewer)
  • Late invocation of Pass/D/Fail
  • Special student status for chronic illness 

Please note that ADA accommodations are not granted retroactively. Therefore, it is not possible to obtain any of these accommodations for semesters that have ended.

To make a request for one or more of the exceptions above, please submit the following:

  1. Relevant documentation to the Registrar’s Office (late drop card, etc.)
  2. An Accommodation Request Form (ARF)
  3. Supporting documentation including:
  • Confirmation of relevant diagnoses;
  • relevant information on how you were diagnosed and/or your history with the diagnosis;
  • information on how the condition impacts you academically or residentially; and
  • support for your accommodation requests.

This information should be drafted by an objective professional qualified to make a diagnosis in the area of your condition. It should be typed or word processed in English and printed on the office letterhead of the health care professional.

Please do not send handwritten notes or documents written on prescription pads. Any materials can be attached to an ARF, e-mailed to me as a PDF attachment, faxed to 802-443-2440, or sent via post.