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Yuan Lim '12: Often, students and friends are surprised that I participate in spiritual or religious activities on campus. However, the curiosity quickly turns into indifference or good humor. A resignation that they have to compete with "God" for my social time. As if "God" or my spiritual life forms a competing extra-curricular activity or friend group. This impression might be justified, given that spiritual life on campus revolves around gatherings of friends with  similar faith backgrounds. And that spiritual-oriented student organizations are an "extra-curricular" entity after all. Yet, I see being engaged in spiritual life on campus as a life expression that extends beyond scripture studies or praise songs into all aspects of campus life. Meaning that my spiritual life isn't another interest I have on the side, but is inseparable from my interactions with friends, recreation, and learning. Consequently, my involvement allows me to view Middlebury's liberal arts education through an added lens. As opposed to coloring every aspect with spirituality, it adds depth to otherwise secular discussions and learning. Even from an academic standpoint, spirituality consists of an important part of many people's lives. Hence, hopefully I will be able to empathize with and understand the greater complexities working in all peoples lives and choices through the lens of spirituality.

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