Blake Harper '15: I wish people understood that my immediate and ultimate concerns are not with what job I get, what I do on the weekend or who I call my friend.  So many things that we do in college seem to distantly revolve around certain, relatively concentric, ultimate concerns and I want people to know that mine are a little different, which makes certain activities, internships and beliefs less integral to my idea of progress and personal development.  This broadening of my level of comfort has also made it much easier to pursue a liberal arts education.  Not only do I feel open to a broad array of experiences, but I feel grateful for them as well.  When new classes and activities are approached with gratitude and wonder, it can go miles for your engagement.  I've found that by approaching my studies with God behind, beside and beyond me I can get a great deal more out of them.  Practicing mindfulness, meditation and transcendence can also do wonders for your intellect, and has been nice to feel sharper, more aware and more closely connected to the intuitive, creative brain.

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