Katie Pett '14:  My faith is the single most important thing in my life. During orientation I found out about one of the Christian groups on campus, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Two years later I've found some of the deepest and most honest friendships I've ever had. These relationships weren't simply products of time spent together; they came from a collective pursuit for truth. This group was formed as a safe place to ask questions about who this Jesus guy is. There's a community of trust that no question is too big or small and we'd work together to find some answers. This questioning has freed me to have honest conversations with peers across campus - from all sorts of spiritual or non-religious backgrounds. Faith is a big question and no one has all the answers. Learning is about asking and these spiritual life groups give students a space to naturally discuss, form communities, and invite others into that discussion.


Charles P. Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life

135 So. Main Street
Hathaway House
Middlebury College
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