Summer Worship

Religious Services for Summer 2017

In past summers, student-initiated Islamic and Jewish services have been held on campus. Christian worship is available at numerous churches in the Middlebury area; a comprehensive list of these can be found on the Middlebury College Chaplain’s Office webpage here.

We suggest you call ahead to check on summer worship schedule.

If there is sufficient interest, Islamic jumah prayer services may be available to the community. If interested, please contact Assoc. Chaplain and Muslim Advisor Beau Scurich at  Beau is also available for spiritual care and pastoral counseling to Language School students.

Jewish Friday evening Shabbat services will be held in the Jewish Center in the Freeman International Center starting on July 7. This first service will begin at 8:00 PM.  If interested, please contact Ayelet Hakim, Bilingual at the School of Hebrew, at
The group will then determine a preferred time for services based on the various dinner times of the participants from the various language schools. Students arriving on or before June 30, should contact Ayelet if they would like to arrange a Shabbat service for June 30.

    For more information please contact Ellen McKay, Scott Center Program Coordinator, 443-5626,
Remember:  Worship services are exempt from the language pledge!