Porter Hospital

Information For Students Visiting Porter Hospital

Due to health care privacy laws (HIPPA), Middlebury College deans and Residential Life staff normally will not have up-to-date information about current health situations or treatment recommendations.  If you want them to know, you must tell them.

What should I do when taken to the hospital?

  • Inform your family of your condition as soon as possible if you have not already done so.  The hospital staff can help you.
  • If you need additional support, contact your Commons Office or the Department of Public Safety.

What should I do when returning to campus from the hospital?

  • Carefully follow the discharge instructions given to you by the hospital staff.
  • Call Parton or the hospital if you need help understanding the instructions.

What are my resources for self-care?

  • Enlist the help of your friends or residence staff if you need support taking care of yourself, such as getting food, drinks or necessary medications.
  • Immediately contact Parton if your condition worsens (or return to the Emergency Room if Parton is closed).

Important Phone Numbers

Atwater Commons--------------802-443-3310
Dean Scott Barnicle

Brainerd Commons--------------802-443-3320
Dean A.J. Place

Cook Commons------------------802-443-3330
Dean Ian Sutherland

Ross Commons------------------802-443-3340
Dean Emily Van Mistri

Wonnacott Commons-----------802-443-3350
Dean Matt Longman

Unable to reach your Commons Office or the Health Center?
Call the Department of Public Safety:

More Important Phone Numbers


Porter Hospital-------------------802-388-4701

Chaplain's Office-----------------802-443-5626
Chaplain:  Laurie Jordan

Health Services
Centeno House
1st & 2nd Floor
Phone: 802.443.5135
Fax: 802.443.2066

Centeno House
3rd Floor
Phone: 802.443.5141
Fax: 802.443.3407

Sports Medicine
Field House
Phone: 802.443.3636
Fax: 802.443.2094