Student Government Association (SGA)

The Middlebury College Student Government Association represents the student body in the decision-making processes of the College.  It is the official channel for student participation in formulation of institutional policy affecting academic and student affairs. It is also responsible for the equitable allocation of the Student Activities Fee to student organizations and for approving new student organizations. 

The SGA is comprised of the SGA Senate (elected commons representatives and class representatives) and the SGA Cabinet, a body of appointed advisors responsible for specific issues such as the environment, academic affairs, alumni relations, and institutional diversity. The SGA Cabinet reports to the SGA President (elected by the whole student body), who is also a member of the SGA Senate. Cabinet members often chair their own committees that help implement policies and resolutions passed by the Senate. The SGA also makes appointments to student, joint student/faculty, and trustee councils and committees. 

In sum, the SGA acts as a single unified group addressing problems facing the student body and the campus community.

For more information see the SGA blog at go/sga.

What does the SGA do?

The SGA represents the voice of the student body on campus, bringing issues to the attention of the College administration. Every year, the SGA addresses a variety of student concerns, which in recent years have included orientation trip programs, the Pass/D/Fail option, first year intercommons programming, and a bike room that generates its own electricity.

In addition, the SGA also:

  • Distributes the student activities fee to over 150 student organizations on campus
  • Approves new student organization applications
  • Provides free buses to the Snow Bowl during the ski season
  • Subsidizes ACTR buses that run routes around the county and to Burlington
  • Provides free daily newspapers in the dining halls
  • Coordinates break buses to Boston, NYC, White Plains, Burlington Airport, Amtrak train stations, and more
  • Maintains the YouPower bike room in Freeman International Center (FIC)
  • Pays for part of the cost of MiddView (fall orientation) trips
  • Recognizes outstanding student leaders at the end of the school year
  • Appoints students to various College-sanctioned committees

SGA Break Buses



For college breaks, the SGA provides inexpensive and convenient bus service to and from:

  • Burlington International Airport (The airport serves as a transportation hub for major airlines such as Continental, Delta, JetBlue, United and USAir) 
  • Burlington Greyhound Station (The Greyhound station provides bus service to Montreal and Boston four times a day, everyday)
  • Boston- South Station, Atlantic Avenue side
  • New York City- Penn Station

Buses are offered for:

  • Fall break
  • Thanksgiving
  • Winter break
  • Feb break
  • Spring break

All buses depart from campus at Adirondack Circle (ADK).

For more information or to purchase tickets: