Diversity at Middlebury College is not the sole responsibility of one office or individual. Middlebury has many offices, programs, and resources throughout campus to support diversity, community, and inclusive excellence. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Centers and Places

Anderson Freeman Resource Center (AFC) provides resources and programming that encourage the holistic development of Middlebury’s increasingly diverse undergraduate student body as they attain their goals of academic achievement and personal growth, while exploring and sustaining their identities and cultures.

Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity is an interdisciplinary academic center dedicated to understanding how race and ethnicity affect human relations. The center focuses on the study of race and ethnicity and how these intersect with such aspects of human life as class, gender, sexuality, religion, and migration. The center develops academic programming for the entire community and supports scholarship and research related to these areas of study.

Center for Careers and Internships (CCI) empowers students to apply their liberal arts education and engage the world through their professional pursuits, active citizenship, and life’s work.

Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research (CTLR) aims to design, develop, and integrate resources that enrich learning and teaching at Middlebury and to provide a locus for conversations, both within the Middlebury community and with other institutions, about excellence and innovation in a residential liberal arts education.

Chellis Women's Resource Center is named after the first woman to graduate from Middlebury, in 1886. It provides a welcoming space where women and men can discuss, research, and address gender issues. The center provides academic resources and general information on current events, job and internship opportunities, academic opportunities, and health issues.

Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest promotes sustainability both on campus and around the world, through lectures, campus events. Home to the Dean of Environmental Affairs, the Program in Environmental Studies, and the Sustainability Integration Office, the building also exemplifies Middlebury’s commitment to sustainability with a LEED Platinum certification from the US Green Building Council.

Mahaney '84 Center for the Arts serves as a hub of arts activity on campus. Its primary purpose is to provide an environment for the creation of art, and to invite audiences to experience the work of local, national, and international artists. The MCFA is home to the Middlebury College Museum of Art, the black-box style Seeler Studio Theatre, the dance theatre, and a stunning 370-seat recital hall. The arts extend beyond the walls of the MCFA as well, with film and media culture programs in Dana Auditorium and the Axinn Center, theatre productions in Wright Theatre and the Hepburn Zoo, studio art shows in Johnson, independent student exhibitions in the Center Gallery in McCullough, special events in Mead Chapel, and more.

Old Stone Mill and Annex are spaces for student creators, entrepreneurs and artists of all kinds.

PALANA (Pan-African, Latino, Asian, and Native American) is an Intercultural Academic Interest House, for students with demonstrated leadership and academic interest in diversity and intercultural issues.

Queer Studies House (QSH—pronounced kwish) is an academic interest house, located behind Proctor Dining Hall and to the left of Chellis House, with the mission of promoting the academic pursuit of queer studies and creating a safe space for students of all sexual and gender identities.

Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs is an internationally oriented resource and research center. It seeks to advance global understanding based in linguistic and cultural competency. The center offers co-curricular programming that enhances opportunities for students and supports faculty in their teaching and professional development.

Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life seeks to promote fruitful interfaith dialogue and foster respect for the religious beliefs and practices of the people who make up the Middlebury community. We offer our support to many different student religious organizations and connect people to a variety of nearby faith communities.

Resources and Support

LGBTQ Life at Middlebury

Student Accessibility Services works with students who have special needs related to their learning, vision, hearing, speech, mobility, and physical and psychological health. We provide reasonable academic and residential accommodations for qualified students with disabilities, and assistive technology is available on campus as well. The services we provide are confidential.

Human Relations Officer (HRO) is the official designated by the president of the College to receive and process complaints of harassment brought by Middlebury College faculty, staff, and students under the College's Anti-Harassment Policy. Any Middlebury College student, faculty, or staff member or who has reasonable cause to believe that harassment, including sexual harassment, as defined by the College's Anti-Harassment Policy, has occurred or is occurring, or who believes that she or he has been subjected to retaliation for having brought or supported a complaint of harassment, is encouraged to bring that information to the immediate attention of the human relations officer.

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) assist our international students, staff, and faculty by offering advising, programs, and other services. We manage the College's involvement in the U.S. government's Student and Exchange Visitor System (SEVIS) and Middlebury's compliance with related immigration regulations. We offer a variety of programs to support members of our international community with their initial transitions to the College and with accomplishing their goals. We also coordinate with the Friends of International Students host program.

Student Organizations

African American Alliance (AAA)
This organization promotes black culture in various forms including art, history, dance, music, literature, government, society, and people.

Alianza aims to create a support network for Latin American students and students interested in the culture.

Arabesque: The Arab Heritage Club
Arabesque is a portal for Middlebury students to discover and experience the beauty of Arab cultures.

Chinese Society
The Middlebury Chinese Society aims to raise awareness of Chinese culture to the Middlebury community, catering to the need for further cultural exchange between diverse cultures represented on campus. It also promotes academic discussion about China

Distinguished Men of Color (DMC) 
Distinguished Men of Color is a student organization dedicated to starting critical dialogue on race and cultural issues on Middlebury's Campus, promoting unity in the diverse area we study in, providing a forum for self-identified people of color to

German Club 
The German Club organizes and hosts events on campus, which help students learn more about German culture in a fun and engaging way.

Il Circolo Italiano (Italian Club) 
The Italian Club is an organization that seeks to promote the appreciation of the Italian language and culture at Middlebury College. We work together with students, Italian Department faculty, and the Italian T.A. to hold events.

Institutional Diversity Committee (IDC) 
The SGA Institutional Diversity Committee's goal is to promote awareness and discussion of issues of diversity and community on campus.

International Students' Organization (ISO) 
The International Students' Organization (ISO) of Middlebury College is a cultural group that welcomes all students, whether international or domestic. 

Japanese Club 
Japanese Club hosts various events - from food/karaoke parties to fashion shows - to celebrate the culture of Japan at Middlebury. Knowledge of Japanese language is not necessary, so feel free to join!

Korean American Student Association (KASA) 
The Korean American Student Association (KASA) of Middlebury College seeks to promote awareness and appreciation of the Korean heritage and identity through various cultural events encouraging unity and solidarity while celebrating diversity.

Middlebury Asian Students' Organization (MASO) 
MASO seeks to enrich the life of Middlebury students by introducing and promoting Asian culture.

Pan Caribbean Student Organization (PCSO) 
The purpose of the PAN-Caribbean Student Organization is to promote the interests of Caribbean students in the Middlebury College community. To do so, PCSO will host political, cultural and social events to share the Caribbean experience with.

Queers and Allies (Q&A) 
Queers & Allies (Q&A) is a student organization for people of ALL genders and sexualities.

Scandinavian Student Organization (SSO) 
Scandinavian Student Organization is a cultural group, which connects all Scandinavian students at Middlebury. We have several events each year, which may include non-member friends, as well as smaller gatherings where we speak our own language.

Southern Society 
This organization aims to teach the wider college community about Southern tradition and culture. We celebrate Southern cooking, Southern hospitality, and Southern mannerisms here on campus.

SPUTNIK (Russian and East European Society) 
Sputnik is a cultural organization dedicated to the celebration and exploration of the culture of the many different countries that once formed the Eastern bloc.

Umoja is a platform for Middlebury students to engage critically in discussions pertaining to Africa, enjoy and promote the rich and diverse African cultures, and foster social, cultural and political awareness about the African continent.

Women of Color (WOC) 
The purpose of Women of Color (WOC) is as follows: To enlighten, uplift, and enhance women from all backgrounds and their surrounding communities on campus.