Honor Code Review Committee


2012-13 Honor Code Review Report

The 2012-13 Honor Code Review Committee has now completed its year-long review of the Honor Code and has submitted its recommendations. Please click here to review the complete text of the committee's final report, with all appendices.


Honor Code Review Process

The Undergraduate Honor Code Constitution includes the following text regarding the process for reviewing and revising the Honor Code:

Article IV: Amendment Procedures and Review Committee

a. This constitution (B. Undergraduate Honor System: Preamble and Articles I-IV) may be amended by a referendum in which two-thirds of all students who are currently registered for classes vote, and in which two-thirds of those voting support the change, subject to ratification by the faculty. Community Council, the faculty, or the Honor Code Review Committee can suggest changes to other aspects of the judicial system by making recommendations. Those recommendations would eventually need to be ratified by the Community Council, which forwards them to Faculty Council for review, and then to the faculty for final approval.

b. At least every fourth year, a committee consisting of two faculty members, two students (one of whom will be the current co-chair of the Academic Judicial Board), and a member from the Dean of the College Office shall examine the honor system and its operation and make any appropriate recommendations for revision to the faculty and the Community Council. Faculty members will be selected by the Faculty Council, the second student member by the Student Government Association, and the dean by the Dean of the College or his/her designate.



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