Anne L. Goodsell

Assistant Professor of Physics

Phone: work802.443.5940
Office Hours: 2014-15: on leave
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After growing up in northern California, Anne Goodsell moved eastward for college, and her interest in physics developed.  She has been studying laser-cooling of atoms for the past decade, first during undergraduate work at Bryn Mawr College (A.B. in Physics, English, 2002) and later during her graduate and post-doctoral research at Harvard (Ph.D. 2010). She continues this research in experimental physics at Middlebury: further information can be found at go/goodsell. 

In her first three years at Middlebury, Anne has enjoyed teaching courses that range from introductory physics to intermediate electromagnetism as well as supervising independent projects.  Summer students working in her lab have helped make headway on the apparatus for laser cooling, while enjoying warm weather at Middlebury.   Anne has been soaking in the Vermont scenery.  You might see her in the early mornings on the roads or trails around Addison Country, accompanied by friends, or just a cinnamon twist from the local bakery.