Originally from: Born and raised in New York City’s Greenwich Village, New York is a big part of Hudson’s life that continues to influence and shape him.

Academic Interests: Hudson is a Latin American Studies – Political Science major with a minor in Global Health. He is fascinated by how economic, political and social systems shape the lives of individuals and seeks to understand how those systems can be revised to societal benefit. He believes that only by understanding and harnessing the incentive structures that face governments, the private sector and local communities can one combat global need most efficiently and sustainably.

Other activities: An avid reader and a lover of travel, Hudson spends every chance he gets to learn about the world around him – especially the developing world. On campus, Hudson is the Executive Director of TEDxMiddlebury 2012: The Road Less Traveled, serves on the Education in Action Center Advisory Board and the Institutional Diversity Committee, and is helping to organize JusTalks, a program aimed at facilitating communal self-reflection and the exploration of issues of identity at Middlebury. Hudson loves playing basketball, listening to live music and eating good food.